Gisèle Benoit / Wilderness Encounters

Wilderness Encounters

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The box set includes 6 DVDs (13 episodes).

Running time: more than 5 hours of viewing

Also available as Mp4 file or VOD on Vimeo

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Wilderness Encounters chronicles the adventures and discoveries of a passionate naturalist trio (the Benoit family), who have studied wildlife within the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve, in northern Ontario, since 1996. Besides showing a captivating human experience, the thirteen episodes of this documentary series allow the viewer to discover the wilderness, both artistically and scientifically. The sacred aspect of nature, the everyday life of animals and birds, the links established by the Benoit family with species such as the wolf, plus many other topics, are all covered in an original way.

Written by Gisèle Benoit

Director of photography and producer: Raynald Benoit

Narration and translation: Susanne Nolle

Original soundtrack: Guy Buisson

Produced in 2015 with the collaboration of the Northeast Superior Regional Chiefs’ Forum, the Société Radio-Canada and ARTV



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