Gisèle Benoit / Lynx – Guardian of Forgotten Secrets

Lynx – Guardian of Forgotten Secrets

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Running time: 97 minutes

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Gisèle Benoit has been studying and painting the predators of Canada’s boreal forest for four decades. She shares this quest with her parents, Monique and Raynald. After fifteen years of patient work, the naturalists have made this unique documentary on Canada lynx, who would be the mysterious guardian of forgotten secrets, according to a Native American legend. The beautiful scenes filmed by Raynald help us penetrate into the intimacy of the cat, known for its discretion. Its character, behaviour, reproduction and relationships with other species, many aspects of its life are unveiled through the observations of Gisèle and her family. A tribute to the natural world and respect for its laws, guaranteeing balance and durability.

Written by Gisèle Benoit

Director of photography and producer: Raynald Benoit

Narrators: Gisèle Benoit and Frédéric Parent

English subtitles

Co-produced in 2019 by Les Productions Raynald Benoit Inc. and the Society of Art and Science for Nature


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