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Together for Life – Wolf Pair

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This painting is in the drying period. However, the painting can be reserved with the payment of a deposit of 10%. Final payment is needed before delivery or when taking possession of the painting at the Monique and Gisèle Benoit Centre, in September 2024. Other arrangements are possible. Contact us at 418 764-2092 or 1 877 398-1145, or by e-mail at


Original painting

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Gisèle Benoit


Oil on canvas


24 in x 36 in

Dimensions with frame

30 in x 42 in 

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5 115 $ CAD


Together for life!

This painting, full of sweetness and romanticism, presents a pair of wolves who, for Gisèle, are the embodiment of leadership and loyalty within the pack they founded. Together, the male and female make crucial decisions for the survival of their family, particularly in terms of hunting and move. During the mating season, their tenderness is expressed through cuddling, rubbing, playing and howling. This strong bond can last until their last breath. It is important to note that the legendary fidelity of wolves is not an absolute rule. Some wolves who have lost their mate manage to overcome the ordeal and find a new soul mate.



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