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In the land of the wolf

A web-series, an exhibition, a mission

In the Land of the Wolf: the web-series

Imagine living far from civilization for around fifteen years, with only wolves, moose, black bears, beavers and other emblematic representatives of Canadian wildlife as neighbours. The wildlife artist and naturalist Gisèle Benoit recounts the highlights of this extraordinary adventure in a fantastic documentary series, broadcast exclusively on her YouTube channel. A moving testimony, in several episodes, which instils hope for a better humanity, in addition to arousing wonder towards the natural world and a deep respect for its resilience.

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In the Land of the Wolf: the exhibition

In the land of the wolf, it is also an exhibition of animal portraits paying tribute to the most memorable characters of the web-series. The collection of paintings can be admired at the Monique and Gisèle Benoit Centre, in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, in Haute-Gaspésie. A major project is underway: the creation of an immersive multisensory journey. Indeed, thanks to headphones, visitors' experience will be enriched by soundscapes of nature, as well as by anecdotes told by Gisèle. A virtual version of the exhibition will offer the same kind of captivating discoveries.

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In the Land of the Wolf: the mission

For many years, the wolf has been at the heart of the commitment of Gisèle, Monique and Raynald Benoit. By sharing their observations, documentaries and artworks, this trio of naturalists wishes to raise public awareness of the ecosystem services provided by the wolf, such as maintaining deer populations at a level that respects plant support, as well as controlling parasitic infestations and diseases in large herbivores.
The Benoit’s message is a call to humility. According to them, we must relearn how to work with the laws of nature, or at least stop opposing them by imposing our own rules to satisfy human interests. Knowing that people want to protect what they know and what touches them, the web-series and the exhibition IN THE LAND OF THE WOLF contribute to rallying the public to this noble cause.

The wolf: an ally treated as an enemy

The wolf leaves no one indifferent. We love it or we hate it. Despite scientific knowledge which confirms its crucial role as a keystone species within ecosystems, many persist in seeing it as a harmful competitor, responsible for the scarcity of big game coveted by hunters.

This false reputation is also at the origin of the constant persecutions which led to its extermination in several regions of North America, including south of the St. Lawrence River. This photo from the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec bears witness to this sad reality with Wolf Hunt near Annunciation, by Gabor Szilasi, in 1961.

In 2024, no catch limit governs wolf hunting and trapping in Québec.

The eternal scapegoats

In addition to wolves victims of recreational hunting and trapping, thousands of others are systematically killed each year in Canada, as part of predator control campaigns often established in the name of protecting woodland caribou. Over time, the authorities have made the wolf the perfect scapegoat to divert public attention from the inertia of governments regarding the preservation of ecosystems.

In fact, decision-makers consider it more profitable, politically and economically, to kill wolves, bears and coyotes rather than prohibiting the cutting of mature forests, essential to the survival of caribous.


The difficulty in observing large predators in Québec compelled Gisèle, Monique and Raynald Benoit to go into exile for more than fifteen years in Northern Ontario, to live with wolves. This extraordinary experience transformed the naturalists, who now devote themselves to the defence and restoration of the land of the wolf.

In addition to their actions to rehabilitate the wolf, restore its reputation, and call for the protection of the boreal forest, the Benoit family as well as the Society of Art and Science for Nature support
organizations and people working on the same mission, including the Association québécoise pour
la protection et l’observation de la faune (AQPOF). The situation of wolves remains so worrying in Québec that it was one of the main reasons for the creation of this organization founded in 2023.

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