About Gisèle Benoit

Gisèle Benoit is a wildlife artist, naturalist, scientific popularizer, author and director of wildlife documentaries. The public have discovered Gisèle through numerous gallery and museum exhibitions, art books and outstanding documentaries on boreal wildlife. Her work is recognized in Canada and abroad. Since 2001, she has focused primarily on the protection of northern predators such as the grey wolf and Canada lynx.


“When Gisèle Benoit takes up the pen, when the whole family paints, films and documents the morning mists, the cold of the first snows, the autumn light, the starry nights of the North; when she communicates the mysterious energy emanating from the old rocky crests; when she fixes the gaze of the Animal, she puts things back in the direction of nature.”


Serge Bouchard
Writer and anthropologist
Excerpt from the book FRISSON SACRÉ du monde sauvage


The GB.TV channel presents exceptional documentaries on Nature and Wildlife. New: A captivating web-series entitled MA’IINGAN, IN THE LAND OF THE WOLF, several episodes of which are online, and more will be added in 2024. Discover or revisit with pleasure the documentaries that have made the reputations of Gisèle Benoit and her parents, such as In the Company of Moose, The Grouse: An Exceptional Bird, Wilderness Encounters, LYNX, Guardian of Forgotten Secrets as well as the recent web-series Rendezvous with Nature GB.TV.


The Monique and Gisèle Benoit Centre

Art and Science to tame the Natural World!


Located in the Gaspésie tourist region, the Monique and Gisèle Benoit Centre invites people to develop their senses and rediscover the wonders of nature by visiting the largest wildlife art exhibition in eastern Canada. The viewing of videos completes the visit. The mission of the Centre: to touch, amaze and make people of all ages aware of wildlife, through the considerable work of the Benoit family.

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Society of Art and Science for Nature

The non-profit organization supporting the mission of Gisèle Benoit

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Whether for a gift or to enrich your collection, you will find in our online store a wide selection of fine art reproductions, as well as inspiring books, DVDs, CDs and cards.

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The Missionary Art of Monique and Gisèle Benoit

Wildlife art to transmit a new worldview that encourages respect and protection of the natural world.

“Science itself progresses thanks to the artist. Scientists are stopped by the idea of the absurd and scientific heresy, but nothing stops the artist, because it is not embarrassed by science… That’s how an artist gets behind the closed doors of science.” 

Elsa Triolet

Participate in our mission!

It’s possible for you to participate in our educational mission, in the production and distribution of our web-series on the wolf, MA’IINGAN, In the Land of the Wolf.


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