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The Pack – Grey Wolves

Monique Benoit

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The dream! Seeing wolves in their natural habitat without our presence disturbing their behaviour or attracting their attention! This reproduction of a large painting by Monique opens a unique window into the lives of wolves. The landscape evokes a mixed forest where broad-leaved trees dominate, such as the white birches that the artist knows how to highlight admirably. Offered on acid-free paper or laminated with frame. You will appreciate this work more by reading the additional information of the History section.

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Acid-free paper, Laminated with frame

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Grey wolf or Eastern wolf? When Monique painted this painting, in the early 1990s, she was inspired by several observations made at La Mauricie National Park. Today, biologists and geneticists confirm that the wolves present in the regions of southern Québec and the Lower Laurentians mostly belong to a distinct subspecies of grey wolf designated at risk under the Species Act in Peril (SARA) and Ontario's Endangered Species Act, 2007: The Eastern Wolf, also known as Algonquin Wolf. The Ontario government has also taken important measures to protect this wolf, even going so far as to ban trapping on vast territories around Algonquin Provincial Park. Despite convincing scientific evidence, the Québec government refuses to consider the adoption of similar measures to prevent the disappearance of the Eastern Wolf in the province. The original painting belongs to a private collection. This is an oil on canvas in the size of 24" x 40" (61 cm x 102 cm).

Fine art prints to spread the beauties of art and nature

Each year, Monique and Gisèle allow the reproduction of a limited number of original paintings. They do this essentially to make the products derived from their art
accessible to all budgets, and above all, to finance the educational projects of the Society of Art and Science for Nature (SAS Nature), the non-profit organization of which they are co-founders.


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