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Kings at rest – Bull Moose and Downy Woodpecker

Gisèle Benoit

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A peaceful scene where resting moose are no less majestic! Even lying down, the kings command respect and spread positive energy around them. Offered on canvas, with or without frame, this fine art giclée contains virtues that time will reveal to those who adopt it. Discover the secrets of the original work in the History section.

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Despite their scientific accuracy, Gisèle's paintings seldom accurately reflect the scenes she observed. Although pure artistic creation tends to distance painters from the reproduction of lived experience, their role is also to bear witness to certain striking facts. For example, Kings at rest faithfully renders one of the finest encounters between Gisèle and moose. Here, the artist has minutely respected the decor, the posture of the subjects, the arrangement of each tree as well as the greyness of this November day, in 1993, in Jasper National Park, Alberta. Twenty years passed before the artist succeeded in expressing on canvas the emotion she felt when she spent long moments a few steps from moose dozing and ruminating. As for the downy woodpecker, it symbolizes Gisèle, a discreet and privileged witness to the rest of kings.
The original painting belongs to a private collection. This is a 36" x 48" (91 cm x 122 cm) oil on canvas.

Fine art prints to spread the beauties of art and nature

Each year, Monique and Gisèle allow the reproduction of a limited number of original paintings. They do this essentially to make the products derived from their art accessible to all budgets, and above all, to finance the educational projects of the Society of Art and Science for Nature (SAS Nature), the non-profit organization of which they are co-founders.


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