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Hush! I'm Sleeping! – Black Bear and Boreal Chickadees

Monique Benoit

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A work by Monique that arouses wonder! The presence of the boreal chickadees reassures us that we too can approach the sleeper. Maybe you want to pet this big bear who is snoozing peacefully after stuffing itself with wild berries? Know that its nauseating smell will probably change your mind! Every detail of the original oil is faithfully reproduced in the giclée edition: the dwarf birches and heath trees in the background, the lichens, mosses, rock, blueberries and mountain cranberries. A scene that decorates both a bedroom and a dining room.

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Between 2014 and 2020, the artist made numerous stays at Parc national des Grands-Jardins, in Charlevoix. This incredibly beautiful boreal territory has inspired to Monique several fabulous paintings, including Hush! I’m Sleeping! Unfortunately, the wildlife-watching potential of this unique region has rapidly deteriorated, following predator culling campaigns carried out by the government to supposedly protect the caribou. Predator control continues, even intensifies, despite the fact that the declining caribou herd survives in enclosures.

The original painting belongs to the artist's collection. It is regularly exhibited at the Monique and Gisèle Benoit Centre. This is a 36" x 48" (91 cm x 122 cm) oil on canvas.

Fine art prints to spread the beauties of art and nature

Each year, Monique and Gisèle allow the reproduction of a limited number of original paintings. They do this essentially to make the products derived from their art accessible to all budgets, and above all, to finance the educational projects of the Society of Art and Science for Nature (SAS Nature), the non-profit organization of which they are co-founders.


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