RelaxSOUNDS offers soundscapes of Nature creating an atmosphere favourable to relaxation, calmness and meditation. The listener is transported to a timeless refuge where wildlife surrounds him (or her). The addition of some musical pieces brings a discreet human touch. All sounds have been recorded in Québec’s and Ontario’s forests by Pauline Blaquière or Raynald Benoit.

A Walk Near a Brook (5:48)

Featured Species: Winter Wren and Ruby-crowned Kinglet. (Recorded in the forests of Gaspé Peninsula, Québec, Canada)

Syrinxes (6:29)

Featured Species: Wood Thrush, Ovenbird and Veery. (Recorded in a maple grove near Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec, Canada)

Evening Concert (12:40)

Featured Species: Wood Frog, Northern Spring Peeper, Greater Yellowlegs, Common Yellowthroat, Wilson’s Snipe and American Bittern. After the piano transition: Fox Sparrow, Blackpoll Warbler, Swainson’s Thrush, White-throated Sparrow, American Toad and Great Horned Owl. (Recorded in Northern Ontario, Canada)

The Soul of the Wild World (11:42)

Featured Species: Grey Wolf, Common Loon, White-throated Sparrow and Tennessee Warbler. (Recorded in Northern Ontario, Canada)

Near a Lake (20:48)

Featured Species: Ruffed Grouse, Downy Woodpecker, American Robin and Yellow-rumped Warbler. After the piano transition: Eastern Chipmunk, Winter Wren, Red Squirrel and Beaver. (Recorded in Northern Ontario, Canada)

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