A Walk Near a Brook (5:48)

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A Walk Near a Brook (5:48)

Featured Species: Winter Wren and Ruby-crowned Kinglet.
(Recorded in the forests of Gaspé Peninsula, Québec, Canada)


Inspired by the recent snowmelt, a stream sings happily in the heart of a coniferous forest. The Winter Wren is one of the first migratory birds to be heard in Québec. Do you want to observe this virtuoso? Look for it among the dense scrub, the heaps of trunks and dead branches of the undergrowth. It often frequents the surroundings of a brook. Measuring about ten centimetres, this bird with brown plumage moves stealthily from one hiding place to another. Its crystalline and melodious voice earns it this nickname: “Little Mozart of the Woods”.


Like the Winter Wren, the Ruby-crowned Kinglet belongs to the featherweight residents of the forest. However, its voice is more powerful and less flute-like than that of the little Mozart of the Woods. It is impossible to confuse the songs of the two species. To see a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, one must scrutinize the tops of the firs and spruces. If you spot a small bird with greenish feathers and a light belly, the size of a ping-pong ball, it is a safe bet that it is the author of these songs.

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