How to participate

It is now possible for you to participate in our wildlife protection mission and in the production of the Benoit family’s future web-series on the grey wolf.

How? It’s simple – by viewing GB.TV’s programs, sharing the documentaries’ trailers, shopping on our online store, making a donation or offering a service.

Thank you for your donation!

Become a VIP member of the web-series on the wolf by making a donation! As such, you will receive news concerning the production of the web-series by e-mail, and free access to viewing the first episode.

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Amateur or professional videographers, join us!

We need quality HD video footage (wildflowers, wildlife and the forest environment of Canada) for the educational web-series RENDEZVOUS WITH NATURE GB.TV.

The videographers whose images are selected will be credited and thanked at the end of the episode where their images appear. People interested in submitting their footage can contact us at

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