The Runaways – Grey Wolves

Gisèle Benoit / The Runaways – Grey Wolves
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Oil on canvas


20 in x 46 in

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Gisèle Benoit

Dimensions with the frame

25 in x 51 in

Giclée on canvas also available

Why give this title to my first painting of 2022? I wanted to call attention that these managers of the wild world still have a bad reputation which often earns them unjust accusations, hate, persecution and slaughter by the cruellest means. Wolves must hide from humans and never show themselves to them. If they dare venture openly, their recklessness is immediately considered suspicious by “civilized people”, who want quickly lynch these dangerous prowlers without any trial. Being wolves, that is to say a keystone species essential to the health of ecosystems, is their only fault. My painting pays homage to these fabulous animals which, formerly, 20 or 30,000 years ago, found in man a brother with whom to collaborate. From this collaboration was born the dog, man’s best friend. The miracle of this first domestication would never have taken place if our hunter-gatherer ancestors had perceived the wolf as a competitor, a vile and harmful being competing with them.


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