Saved by the River – Moose and Wolves

Gisèle Benoit / Saved by the River – Moose and Wolves
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Oil on canvas


20 in x 46 in

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Monique Benoit

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26 in x 52 in

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The scene takes place at the end of October or in November. This moose finds refuge in a river, where wolves will not have an advantage over it, even in a pack. According to wolf specialists, only one hunt in ten ends with the capture of a prey. Some adult moose like this big bull face up to the pack outright. Wolves quickly decide not to tackle this bull moose which is in good shape and armed with imposing antlers.


The wolf maintains the health of ungulate populations by killing individuals that are sick, wounded or infected by parasites, such as the winter tick. In fact, overcrowding is the main factor causing diseases and increased parasites in a species. First and foremost predation by the wolf helps to prevent overpopulation among large herbivores. Being an opportunistic hunter, the wolf also captures healthy subjects, most often young individuals offering the least resistance. In doing so, it regulates moose, elk, bison and beaver populations, etc.


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