Episode 6 – The Song of the Lake

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Episode 6 – The Song of the Lake

Back in the land of the wolf after long winter months, Gisèle, Monique and Raynald reunite with the Manitous Pack. Jimmy and Bigfoot are unrecognizable with their moulting fur. New characters make their appearance in this episode: the Chubbys, a family of friendly beavers, established in the bay near the Benoit base camp.


Running time: 23 minutes 15 seconds


Director: Gisèle Benoit


Narrator: Gisèle Benoit


Director of photography: Raynald Benoit


Original soundtrack composed and performed by Guy Buisson


Wolf Song: Paul Allaire


Co-produced in 2022 by the Society of Art and Science for Nature and Les Productions Raynald Benoit Inc.

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