Episode 3 – White-Paws and Jimmy

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Episode 3 – White-Paws and Jimmy

To follow moose and beavers to find grey wolves… In September, Gisèle gets to know two adult wolves from the new Manitous Pack: a hyperactive female and not a very shy male that the naturalist names White-Paws and Jimmy. The action takes place in a territory inhabited by several moose, including a young bull with a broken antler that arouses the interest of White-Paws.


Running time: 23 minutes 6 seconds


Director: Gisèle Benoit


Narrator: Gisèle Benoit


Director of photography: Raynald Benoit


Original soundtrack composed and performed by Guy Buisson


Wolf Song: Paul Allaire


Co-produced in 2022 by the Society of Art and Science for Nature and Les Productions Raynald Benoit Inc.

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