Episode 2 – Ecosystem, Eco-wonder

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Episode 2 – Ecosystem, Eco-wonder

What is an ecosystem? How does it work? What is its use? Its fragility? To answer these questions, this new episode of the web-series Rendezvous with Nature GB.TV gives the floor to two enthusiasts of the wild world who have a complementary vision, in addition to long experience in the field: Gisèle Benoit, wildlife artist and naturalist, and Hugues Deglaire, wildlife photographer and biologist. Enjoying a hike in Gaspésie National Park, they introduce us to the ecosystem in simple terms, and in the process debunk some stubborn myths about the manipulation of ecosystems orchestrated in the name of wildlife management. A new rendezvous with nature not to be missed on GB.TV!


Running time: 29 minutes 52 seconds


Director: Gabriel Leblanc


Director of photography: Raynald Benoit


Narrator: Frédéric Parent


Original soundtrack composed and performed by Guy Buisson


Co-produced in 2020 by the Society of Art and Science for Nature and Les Productions Raynald Benoit Inc.

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