Episode 1 – 40 Years with the Moose

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Episode 1 – 40 Years with the Moose

In 2019, the wildlife artist and naturalist Gisèle Benoit celebrates a very special anniversary. Forty years ago, she met a character who is still present in her life today: the moose. Gisèle’s passion for this peaceful giant is as vibrant as it was on the first day. This episode relates the extraordinary journey of Gisèle and her parents, who were among the first to take an interest in moose for reasons other than hunting. As pioneers, the Benoits welcome the fact that today more and more people are engaged in the observation of wildlife and wildlife photography.


Scientists recommend reducing pressures on wildlife and creating a network of new protected and interconnected areas across the globe. When non-harvesting activities follow ethical rules, they contribute to public awareness and encourage the creation of protected areas. For Gisèle, nature observation is accessible to everyone! In 2020, every person, every child has an urgent need to reconnect with the Wild and the Living.


Running time: 14 minutes 33 seconds


Director: Gabriel Leblanc


Director of photography: Raynald Benoit


Narrator: Frédéric Parent


Original soundtrack composed and performed by Guy Buisson


Co-produced in 2019 by the Society of Art and Science for Nature and Les Productions Raynald Benoit Inc.

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